Three-day Young Event Horse Workshops to be Offered at ICP Workshops



The Instructor's Certification Program will now offer three-day long Young Event Horse Workshops during the regular Instructor's Certification Program Workshops. Structured along the lines of the Levels III/IV Workshop the format will mirror the proven format of these already successful Workshops: Day 1: Flatwork, Day 2: Jumping, Day 3: Cross-country riding/jumping.  Young horses and their riders will be local to each Workshop site, as is already true of all other Workshops; riders may be amateurs and professionals.  Workshop candidates can be on the ICP Instructor track or the ICP Professional Trainer track and may also participate in both tracks at that Workshop.

YEH Instructors and YEH Professional Trainers will be assessed along with all other ICP candidates at any ICP Assessment.

All those from the ICP faculty present on Thursday, Feb. 23, at Longwood Farm in Ocala, will be engaged in watching/teaching/discussing the riding/training of Young Event Horses, which will allow the ICP faculty at Longwood to be consistent in their approach to teaching new YEH Workshop.

Drafts of the content and schedule of the YEH Workshops, plus drafts of both the YEH Instructor Teaching Skills Sheets and the YEH Professional Trainer Riding Skills Sheets (which assessors will use at Assessments) are currently in production.