2017 USEA Course Designer's Educational Grant

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2017 Grant for Course Designers


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The USEA has established a Course Designers’ Educational Grant/Mentoring program to fund the education and development of U.S. course designers.  The program is open to those who have competed at the CCI2* level in recent years and who have completed the Course Design Module at a USEA Training Program for Eventing Officials Seminar. Funds of up to $6,000 will be awarded in 2017.

Recipients will be trained by internationally acclaimed three- and four-star course designers.  Mike Etherington-Smith, Derek di Grazia, Mark Phillips and Ian Stark have all agreed to participate as mentors.

Requirements For Obtaining a USEF Course Designers’ License

•  Applicants must be current members of the USEA and the USEF.

•  Applicants must be enrolled in the USEA’s Training Program for Eventing Officials and comply with all USEF registration requirements for Licensed Officials.

•  The USEF may update its requirements for licensing from time-to-time so please visit the USEF Licensed Officials web page for the latest information. HERE

USEA Course Designers’ Grant Requirements

•  Only USEA members with a firm commitment to a career in cross-country course design need apply.

•  Applicants must have already completed the Course Design Module of the USEA Training Program for Eventing Officials.

•  The successful candidate will follow a course of study that will include up to four days spent with the Mentor. As all the Mentor course designers are designing here in the U.S. it may be possible to arrange mid-week appointments so as not to conflict with a rider’s competition schedule.

•  During this time the candidate will focus on course design and construction to include pre-event construction and real-time competition instruction.

•  Applicants must have successfully competed, at the CCI2* level and above.

•  Applicant is required to design his or her own course of study. This is your opportunity to design your own course curriculum so be as creative and detailed as you wish. For instance, what would you like to be included in this special one-on-one course of education and training?  How many days would you like to spend with your mentor?  Of those days how many would be during the design phase, the setup phase and at the actual event for which the course is being designed?  How many different    courses and at what level would you like to walk together?  Would you like to be able to spend time with a course builder to    better understand course construction?  In fact, anything you feel you should know to give you the best start in this new career.”

•  An independent panel (The Panel) will review all applications and select the recipients.

•  If possible, candidate should spend some time with more than one course designer.

•  The Mentor and/or the USEF Course Advisor with whom they have trained will recommend the candidate for licensing.

•  Successful candidates will be required to give back to the sport by designing two lower level courses in their locale for    expenses only.

 What is the Duration of the Grant?

If the successful candidate meets all the requirements leading to licensing and exhibits the necessary commitment to become a course designer the Grant may be awarded for a second year. 

•  In Year 1, all education will take place in the U.S.

•  Year 2 may include one overseas study trip.

What Expenses Will the Primary Grant for New Designers Cover?

•  The cost of transport to work with the Mentor will be reimbursed upon submission of receipts.

•  The cost of housing while training with the Mentor will be reimbursed upon submission of receipts.

•  Up to four days of fees for the Mentor Course Designer.

Benefits for the Successful Candidates

•  Exclusive access to the top course designers in the world.

•  Up to four days of one-on-one mentoring from the chosen course designer.

•  Ongoing support throughout the course of study by email or phone to answer questions.

•  The opportunity to enjoy a second career as a course designer.

•  The satisfaction that will come from being an active contributor to the future success of the sport.

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