Help Us Meet Our $25,000 Challenge – Only $10,000 Left To Go!

#Giving Tuesday is a Global Day of Giving and is recognized as the day when the world community turns its mind to donating to the charity closest to their hearts and minds.

By supporting the USEA Foundation Roger Haller Fund for the Education of Eventing Officials  you can help us “Double Our Impact” and meet the challenge set this year by our wonderful but anonymous donor who has set Excellence in Eventing Education as a top priority. We need to raise just $10,000 more to reach our goal.

Thanks to everyone who supported this fund in 2016, the USEA Foundation was able to award two grants to two Eventing Officials who made the very best use of every grant dollar to reach their goals. Every rider in the sport will be the beneficiary of their expertise in years to come and for that, we thank you our donors and our friends.

At the USEA Annual Convention in December, two additional grants will be awarded to course designers to enable them to increase their knowledge and proficiency and ensure that the U.S. has the highest caliber of designers well into the future. Again, this was all made possible by you, our donors.

So, on the day when the world turns its thoughts to giving please consider making a donation in support of the Roger Haller Fund for the Education of Eventing Officials and telling our anonymous challenger that you join with them in your commitment to Excellence in Eventing Education.

Visit and make a secure tax-deductible donation now!

A deep and sincere thank you to all.