The fundamental mission of the USEA Foundation is to protect and preserve the sport of Eventing for future generations and to provide support for the core educational, safety and equine welfare programs of the USEA. In addition, the Foundation administers educational grants for riders with the intent of preparing them to reach their goals.


The USEA Foundation replaces the former USEA Endowment Trust.  Created in 1991, the Endowment Trust’s initial goal was raising the funds to build the USCTA (now USEA) Headquarters in Leesburg, Virginia. Thanks to the many members of our Association who donated to the Endowment Trust, that goal was achieved and the Neil R. Ayer Memorial Building was completed and dedicated in 1996. Subsequent years saw the Trust transition into an organization focused on building reserves for the long-term security of the USEA and the the sport in the event of financial or other crises (such as an outbreak of equine disease that might make competitions impossible to hold in a given year). In addition, interest from the investment of those funds provided a measure of financial support for the USEA’s many educational programs.

Over the past several years, the role of the Endowment Trust has continued to evolve and expand. The Trust has become a major force in the development and administration of key developing rider grants, the funding of critical safety and equine medical studies, and the furtherance of other strategic initiatives that are critical to the future of our sport.  This evolution has led the trustees of the Endowment Trust to undertake a thorough re-evaluation of its purpose and structure.  

In the months since the December 2014 USEA Annual Meeting, the trustees have worked closely with the members of the USEA Development Committee in examining, analyzing and brainstorming ways to make the Endowment Trust relevant to the most fundamental issues in the Twenty-First Century sport of Eventing, and, not incidentally, more relevant and accessible to our members and Eventing enthusiasts worldwide.  The name change to USEA Foundation, while the most immediately visible of the changes that have been implemented on the recommendation of this group, is just the tip of the iceberg.  Moving forward, the USEA Foundation, in close collaboration with the Board of Governors of the USEA, will play an increasingly significant role in the funding and management of educational grants benefiting riders at every level of the sport—Juniors, Young Riders, Adult Amateurs, as well as international level riders—and will be involved in key safety and horse welfare initiatives.  The USEA Foundation will collaborate with the USEA on fundraising campaigns targeting these worthy goals and strategies.

In pursuing these exciting objectives, the USEA Foundation will never lose sight of its enduring core purpose of preserving and protecting the future of Eventing in the United States.

The USEA is looking forward to an exciting future working with USEA Foundation in enriching the sport for each and every one of us, as well asfor generations to come.  

Fulfilling Dreams