The USEA is justly proud of the high quality of the educational programs we offer to our members. These  serve to improve the knowledge and skills of riders, instructors, officials, organizers, breeders and volunteers. The following programs are vital to the longevity of the sport and continually need additional support from our valued friends to ensure those high standards are maintained. 


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Instructors certified through the USEA Instructors' Certification Program (ICP) have been educated to the highest standards on the most effective and safe teaching methods of event riding, training, and competing, and care of the horse.

Instructors are essential to the training of riders and their horses for humane, safe, and skilled participation in the sport of eventing. Started in 2002, the USEA Instructors’ Certification Program (ICP) educates all levels of eventing instructors to confirm their knowledge base, both theoretical and practical, upon which they will continue to build throughout their teaching lifetime. 


  • Identifies essential training principles for riders and horses, drawn from time-tested sources and from experience with today’s competition challenges;

  • Offers to instructors materials, workshops, and mentor opportunities that present these training principles in a developmental sequence;

  • Certifies instructors at a specific ICP Level of teaching knowledge and proficiency, inviting them to continue to learn – and to achieve a higher level of certification, if they so desire;

  • Supports enhancement of certified instructors’ knowledge and skill through ICP’s Continuing Education Program requirements;

  • Provides an atmosphere of professional openness and support to all instructors so that on-going sharing and learning are facilitated.



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Eventing officials include Judges, Technical Delegates (TD), and Course Designers (CD). They are licensed by the United States Equestrian Federation (USEF) at the “r”, “R”, “S”, and by the FEI at the FEI levels.

The USEA Training Program for Event Officials is for members who wish to become Licensed Officials, or those who wish to further their education, but not necessarily pursue licensure with the Federation. The USEA also conducts the Continuing Education Program for members who are already licensed officials. Well educated and well-trained officials are vital to the health of the sport, guaranteeing as they do a fair playing field while always keeping the safety and well-being of both horses and riders at the forefront.

The U.S. is very proud to have had several of our judges, technical delegates and course designers officiate at Olympic and World Championship events. Most recently, USEA member and International 4* Eventing Judge, Marilyn Payne, was selected President of the Ground Jury for the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio. Marilyn also officiated at the 2008 Olympic Games. Recently retired Judge and Technical Delegate, Virginia's Brian Ross, judged at the 2000 Olympic Games in Sydney. Both Marilyn and Brian have worked tirelessly over the years to create and expand our Officials Education Programs.

To ensure that future US officials receive such high honors as Marilyn and Brian it is extremely important that the USEA continually works to increase the number of officials in the program and further develop a curriculum that will provide officials with the tools they need to advance up the levels to eventually officiate at the highest levels of the sport. Fundraising Goal $12,000



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USEA Young Event Horse - USEA Young Event Horse Series may be best described as an equine talent search. The Series gives owners and breeders the opportunity to showcase the potential of their four- and five-year-old horses under saddle while encouraging them to produce top-level event horses for the future. Young Event Horse classes focus on education and preparation of the event horse in a correct and progressive manner. YEH Classes have three sections: 1)Conformation/Type 2)Dressage 3)Jumping test/Gallop/General Impression.

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USEA Future Event Horse - The USEA Future Event Horse (FEH) series, presented by Priefert was introduced in 2007 as a pilot program as, what the USEA hoped would be, a successful precursor to the already popular USEA Young Event Horse series, which is designed for four- and five-year-olds. Since the “test year” was so successful – with more than fifty young horses competing at the year end Championship show – 2008 would see the FEH’s first season as a bona fide USEA program. FEH Classes are in-hand classes for yearlings, two-year olds and three-year olds.

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